New Gynecologist

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday, I had my appointment with a new gynecologist, since I go through them like cheap clothes. I’m always hesitant with new doctors because 99.9% of the time they don’t offer me any new solution for my condition. However, this appointment was different and left me hopeful.

Naturally, gyno appointments have always been nerve-wracking. I get extremely anxious and stressed out before the appointment, while I’m in the waiting room, and during the appointment.

I mentioned in a previous post that exams have been almost impossible, and that I couldn’t even have a pap smear for the longest time because they literally couldn’t get the tools in without my PC muscles clamping up. One experience was so painful that two nurses had to come in to hold me down on the table while they examined me and another experience caused my heart rate to accelerate so fast that they actually had to do breathing exercises with me to lower it.

This time around my heart rate was way over 100, and I was so nervous that my voice was shaking and I couldn’t think straight. Funny story: The doctor asked me if my husband and I had been with any partners before each other and I was so nervous that my brain thought she meant “Had we been married to any other partners before each other?” Yeah…my brain has completed removed sex as a thought process. I’ve officially reached a new level.

The doctor was very comforting and funny though. She was close to my age, so we had a lot of generational jokes between us. In fact, the whole appointment took almost 2 and a half hours. The nurse came knocking on the door twice to say our time was up…oops.

She didn’t do an examination on me…thank god…but said we would have to next time, since I haven’t had a pap smear in almost five years. Granted, I do annual exams every year, but it was a relief to just sit and talk.

Based on other symptoms I’ve been having, she isn’t ruling out that I might also have endometriosis as well as vaginismus. However, they would need to examine me internally in order to determine if this was the case. She’s going to talk with the surgical doctor to see if he agrees that this should be done. If so, I’ll have to have a tube with a little camera on it go threw my belly button to see my insides. She assured me I’d be asleep after she saw my expression.

She’s also going to speak to that same doctor and see if he can do either lidocaine, Botox or steroid injections in my PC muscles, as she also agrees that I’ve tried all the other options to overcome the condition and none of them have worked.

This was a relief to hear because, most of the time, the doctors give me the same treatments that I’ve already tried over and over and over again. I was set on doing the Botox injections going in, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this doctor, or a doctor he knows, will be able to perform the procedure.

She’ll let me know either Monday or Tuesday what he says about the endometriosis and injections, but told me I should make an appointment with him regardless because he’s always fully booked out for months. She wasn’t kidding either. The earliest availability he had was June 1, so I swiped that slot up immediately.

On top of this, she’s also going to see about helping with my nutrition for my gastrointestinal problems. Thank god. So I’ll be getting blood work done in a few weeks to check my vitamin levels and then we will review it to see where to go from there.

Most of the other information we talked about isn’t direly important to discuss. It just dealt with symptoms I have that she is concerned about that could be pointing towards me having endometriosis. I suppose if you are interested in hearing about those, because you are also curious about some symptoms you have been having, I’ll be happy to tell you. Other than that, I’m just going to be waiting and keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get these issues fixed.

Feel free to ask any questions below! As you already know, I’m an open book 🙂

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