Update (the slightly inebriated version)

I was about to comment on how well my constitution is considering I had 6 viles of blood drawn today and I just drank a full bottle of wine (it’s been awhile), but then I dropped my dinner and realized I’m not as epic as I thought I was…

Just a brief update, because I am slightly intoxicated. I have a surgery consultation March 17th (yay! Luck of the Irish!) to go over the procedure for having the Botox done, as well as checking for endometriosis. Basically, he is going to put me under anesthesia, see if my muscles contract when I’m asleep, give me the Botox and then see if I have endometriosis. Should be a fun time for my vagina…

In all seriousness, I am super nervous. I’ll keep everyone updated as much as possible.

Also the viles of blood was to determine my nutrition levels. Over the years, I have struggled with eating poorly. Basically, for 6 years, I would exercise 2-3 times a day and eat very little, gaining the physique I was looking for, but bruising easily and finding that my chest hurt constantly. Recently, I’ve been exercising 3-4 times a week and I’ve been working on eating a balanced diet (on my limited income) but have noticed my chest hurting a lot.

So, we shall see what they say. I’m curious because I’ve never had my vitals checked like this before. Granted, my poor right arm is bruised to the bone from having the 6 viles of blood drawn, but I’m excited to see the results.

Talk to you soon xoxo

11 thoughts on “Update (the slightly inebriated version)

  1. Good luck!!! I have my first times under anesthesia for girl problems this past fall and was terrified. It was definitely hard to recover from the that alone on top of surgery and being “investigated” for any further issues. I had to be very patient with how my body responded and needed to heal and that was not easy!!! Sending lots of well wishes and love ❤️❤️❤️

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