*New Lube Update*

After the wedding, I decided to get back on track working with the dilators. I felt that: 1. I would have more time to devote to them and (hopefully) be less stressed out. 2. I also wanted to get back into the habit of using them if I planned to get the Botox procedure in … Continue reading *New Lube Update*

The History of Dildos

Photo credit: European Association Of Urology And you thought we had it bad with our dilators today! No, you are not looking at pictures of broken off penises (or penii) from statues. You are actually looking at ancient dildos. Yes, you read that correctly. These are some of the oldest dildos to exist. Dildos have … Continue reading The History of Dildos

Top Five Haunted Locations that I Want to Visit

I love the paranormal, and have always wanted to visit a real haunted location. I watch many YouTubers who go to haunted places all over the world to investigate and see if there really is "another side." I've had a few paranormal experiences myself, like seeing a man walk from my grandmas bedroom to the … Continue reading Top Five Haunted Locations that I Want to Visit