Going on a hiatus

It's been awhile since I've done any progression with my exercise on WordPress. I think I just had to stop writing about it for a bit so that I could get my head on straight and really focus on me. I was so busy focusing on literally EVERYTHING that I wasn't doing 100% on just … Continue reading Going on a hiatus


Writer’s block…again

I am having so much trouble writing this second book on vaginismus. I don't know why the fictional story is so much more difficult to get into. I thought it would be hella fun, but every time I go to the computer to write, I just sit there and stare at the document. I'm beginning … Continue reading Writer’s block…again

Day 7

Today was definitely not one of my best days for working out. However, I could have stayed in bed feeling depressed but I didn't. I got up, got myself together and used the elliptical for 15 minutes. It wasn't a long time because some guy was in there and that stuff always makes me nervous...but … Continue reading Day 7