I used to dream…

I used to dream about who would be my best friend... I used to dream about my first boyfriend and what he would be like... I used to dream about where and when I'd receive my first kiss... I used to wonder who I'd go to prom with... I used to wonder what kind of … Continue reading I used to dream…



You gift us with your tender hearts And stay by us during the toughest parts You grant us the privilege of being by your side And loyally, faithfully remain our true guides You bless us each and every day with your presence And only ever seek our unwavering acceptance You help to dry the bluest … Continue reading Undeserving


Feel the pressure run through your soul Suffocating the life out of you whole Put on a happy face to mask reality Silently fight back the tears of all the irony You know you’ve been at this place before Don’t pretend you didn’t see it tapping at your front door The only blind sidedness was … Continue reading Irony