You Dodged a Bullet

You dodged a bullet from the outside in. My instincts would have thoroughly ripped you thin. Hold a grudge against me if you want But eventually I would have only torn you a part *** You dodged a bullet by letting me go Have no regrets by stealing the show The baggage I carry is … Continue reading You Dodged a Bullet

Medicate Poem

Medicate to numb the pain. It'll change the chemicals inside your brain. Their empty promises are loud and clear. Everything they said became my own worst fear. **** I was high on life and then I was low, Choking down the pills for their little sideshow. Weight crept on me like a silent killer, Making … Continue reading Medicate Poem


Feel the pressure run through your soul Suffocating the life out of you whole Put on a happy face to mask reality Silently fight back the tears of all the irony You know you’ve been at this place before Don’t pretend you didn’t see it tapping at your front door The only blind sidedness was … Continue reading Irony