Paranormal Encounters

Awhile back, I wrote a story about a Ghostly Encounter that I had in College. Well, I was viewing it the other day and realized that I had promised you more paranormal stories but totally forgot to give them to you!

It’s so weird talking about these stories to those who aren’t my immediate family members because so many people don’t believe in this stuff. However, when you have unexplainable things happen to you, it’s hard to not go searching for answers.

I’m pretty sure I can fit 5 of my paranormal experiences into this one blog (some of them are short), but when I recall the others, I’ll happily write those down too. Also, let me know if you want to read more stories on dreams and premonitions. I wrote one blog about that here, but that’s only scratching the surface. I feel like I left out some really amazing stories in that blog post!

Little Girl in the Hotel

This is one that I’m not sure is paranormal or a hallucination of some kind. Regardless, it’s creepy AF!

I was 17 and visiting Jersey for my cousins wedding. My sister and her husband had their own room and so did my mom and dad. I was all by myself, which is the best news for a 17-year-old!

One morning, I woke up to someone whispering my name. I thought I was dreaming, so I ignored it for a few moments until the whispering became louder and more demanding. That’s when I sat up and noticed a small figure standing behind one of the window’s draperies.

I was completely frozen in place and couldn’t even open my mouth to say something or grab my phone to call my dad. The small figure was a little girl who was very sullen. She appeared grey and had a very malicious smile on her face. I had the worst feeling come over me as I stared at her, so I tried closing my eyes and taking in a few deep breaths.

When I opened my eyes, she was still there and said my name again in a very creepy childlike tone. I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I leapt from that bed like it was on fire and ran out of that room. I didn’t even care that I was in my pjs and braless LOL

The Ghostly Man in My Grandma’s House

This one isn’t scary but very perplexing. My grandma always used to say she felt like her house was haunted, but she never felt threatened by anything there. I never really felt threatened either, but I felt uneasy in the basement. In fact, I still have a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach if I’m ever down there.

Whenever I would stay the night at her house, I always heard footsteps outside of the bedroom door or behind me when I was in the basement by myself. I assumed it was my grandma, but sometimes I would go upstairs from the basement to check and find her reading her book in the living room. She definitely wouldn’t have had enough time to walk from the basement to the living room in such a short time.

The footsteps outside of the bathroom door was another thing I presumed was my grandma as well. However, there was one time I did go investigate because the footsteps were just going up and down the hallway instead of straight from the bathroom to her bedroom. I thought maybe something was wrong, so I put my head up to the door to hear the footsteps and then opened the door quickly. Nothing was in the hallway and my grandma was sound asleep in her bed.

There was another time when my sister and I were at my grandma’s house alone, playing paper dolls on the rug in the hallway. We both felt something strange and looked over at the end of the hall, where the bedrooms and bathroom are, to notice a man walk from the bathroom to my grandma’s bedroom. My sister and I jumped up and ran out of the house into the backyard. This was before cellphones were really a thing, so we couldn’t use the landline to call my mom since she didn’t have a cellphone.

The Music Box

My grandma used to live with her brother before he passed away because he was too unwell to care for himself. I’m not sure exactly what happened to him because he was fine growing up, but something happened to him that caused him to stop talking. It could have been the war or another traumatic incident, but I was too young to ask those type of questions. I simply knew him that way my whole life.

When he passed away, my grandma left his room pretty much the same. She got rid of his clothes but kept the same furniture and some of his knick-knacks. Well, one evening, when I was staying with my grandma and we were baking cookies in her kitchen, we both heard music coming from his room. I looked at her perplexed and asked, “What is that?”

She shrugged her shoulders and had us both go towards the sound of the music, only to find that it was coming from a music box in his old room. I picked it up and it stopped playing. My grandma let me keep the music box because she believed her brother wanted me to have it. He used to love giving my sister and I little gifts and the music box had never started playing for just my grandma.

So, I took it home and placed it on my bedside table. It only ever played by itself two more times after that. Once when I was about 12 and the last time when I was home from college. I still have it, but sadly it’s in storage right now.

The Ghost in the Woods

When my family moved from our old house into our new house, they wanted to be close to woods. So, there was a huge wooded area surrounding our house that my sister and I would play in. It wasn’t unusual. The woods had trails and what not, so my parents felt comfortable letting us play in there. However, we always had to be out and back inside before dark.

One day, the neighborhood kid, my sister and myself decided we wanted to try building a tree house. We spent literally all-day collecting wood and trying to figure out what the heck we were doing. Apparently, we didn’t put together that we needed actual tools for this.

It was getting close to 6, so dusk, and I told them I was going to head back. I was kind of a goody toe shoes back in the day. They said they would follow me out pretty soon.

Both of our parents were waiting for us at the entrance of the woods when I got out because it was getting dark and they were pretty mad we didn’t follow the rules. I told them that my sister and the neighbor kid were coming out soon, but they told me to get them.

I ran back into the woods and noticed a girl with dark hair in a jacket running through the woods. I thought it was my sister because she has dark hair and was wearing a jacket at the time. I yelled at her to stop because mom and dad were mad and that she needs to come home. The girl stopped running and turned to me. She wasn’t super close to me, so I had to walk closer to get a better look at her. I couldn’t tell if it was my sister or not, but we were the only 3 kids in that neighborhood and no other neighborhood was around us for miles, so I assumed it was her. We were in the country and surrounded by cornfields. Yay Indiana.

She started running again and I got mad because I thought she was playing a game with me. I yelled at her to stop, but then heard my sister and the neighbor kid’s voice behind me. I froze and turned around to see that they were walking over to me saying that they were leaving. When I turned back around to face the girl, she was completely gone. It was super weird and made me feel absolutely bonkers at the time.

My Room

I’m saving this one for last because 1.) It’s the longest and 2.) It’s the creepiest by far.

Like I said, my family moved into a new house by the woods when I was in grade school. It was a brand-new house that they had built, so I’m not sure why I had so many weird instances in that house. Nevertheless, I HATED that house from Day 1. Even when my dad took me to watch it being built, I said I didn’t want to move into it. I just got a super weird vibe.

Anyways, fast forward to when I’m about 12-16. Between those years is when I had the creepiest stuff happen to me. I never felt comfortable being alone in that house. I never felt comfortable walking around that house when it was dark to go to the bathroom or to get a glass of water. I absolutely hated my bedroom and couldn’t stand my closet. There was no rhyme or reason as to why I would be afraid of my bedroom and closet because, like I said, it was a brand-new house.

Nevertheless, I always had the worst feeling whenever I would be in there. I would get anxious and also get really angry. Plus, it was the coldest room in the house thanks to a 7th grade science experiment my sister decided to do with cockroaches…it’s best not to ask. I still don’t even know the full experiment. All I know is that I had to have a container of cockroaches in my room for a week and I was miserable.

When I was 12 or 13, my sister and I would have sleep overs in each other’s rooms. Sometimes, we would stay in her room and sometimes we would stay in mine. One night, we were in my room and in the middle of the night the radio turned on full volume. We both woke up and shrieked because it was so loud. I ran over to turn it off and my mom ran in to ask what was going on. I told her it just turned on by itself. She told me to unplug it and go back to bed.

That same night, we also heard a loud bang from my closet. It literally sounded like chains rattling. I’ll never forget that sound. My sister was freaking out, so I went into the closet to check and see if anything had fallen. There was nothing out of place and there was absolutely nothing in the closet that would have sounded like chains rattling.

She immediately left and said she that was never spending the night in my room again.

The same exact thing happened to a friend of mine during a sleep over at my house. The radio turned on by itself in the middle of the night full volume. Needless to say, it scared her like crazy. She also never slept over again.

Lastly, the worst experience I had in that room is something that is so hard to explain and makes me sound insane. Even to this day, I can still vividly picture it, but I have absolutely no explanation for it.

I was about 16 and sitting on my bed listening to music. I was sitting up and singing when I happened to casually look over next to me. I stopped singing immediately because I saw me sitting next to me…

Yes, you heard that correctly. I was sitting next to myself. I froze for a few seconds, but it felt like minutes. The other me, or my doppelganger I guess, smiled so creepily at me. I stood up and screamed. Then my closet door flung open and I screamed again and ran downstairs in tears completely shaken up.

My parents asked what was wrong and I tried to explain what happened, but they said it must have been the wind and that I probably just imagined it. I told them that the window wasn’t even open, but I still don’t think they believed me, even to this day. They kept saying that there was no way the house was haunted because they had just built it. However, I’m fully convinced something was there.


I’m definitely looking into getting a reading sometime or seeing a medium but, naturally, many are pretty expensive. My grandma had a good friend of hers that was a medium, but she passed away when I was about 7 or 10 years of age. She had a pretty remarkable gift! Even before my mom had my sister who passed away, she knew the day and year my sister would pass and what she would pass away from. Naturally, my grandma never mentioned this to my mom until many MANY years later. I remember when she told her though. I was about 15 and we were sitting at the kitchen table drinking tea. I was only one years old when my sister passed away.

After hearing that story, we began asking my grandma if her friend had predicted anything else. She had a few other stories that I’d be happy to share sometime if you are interested 😊

6 thoughts on “Paranormal Encounters

  1. You just might have a special intuitive gift deep within. This usually happens with hypersensitive individuals, given to people who were born in the sign of Virgo, on the later part of that sign, right between early Sept to the 21rst of that very month, right on the cuspid of Libra, if you ever given it a thought. There are things that science, alone, cannot explain about this paranormal activities. Just a thought.

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    • I’m definitely with you on that. My husband only believes in the logical, but there are so many things that science just can’t explain. One thing I wish I could have done is figure out my astrological chart. But unfortunately my parents dont remember the time I was born. They were devastated by the loss of my sister, so there are few photos of me around. My birth certificate sadly doesn’t have the time either. However, I was born october 26, so I know I’m a Scorpio, which totally matches my personality lol I have no idea what that means with intuition and paranormal.

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