Our Wedding

All 700 pictures are here!

Don’t worry, I won’t make you view all of them 😉

The wedding was perfect, or what I would describe as perfect. It’s funny how after years of planning the moment is gone before you know it, but the pictures remain. This is one reason pictures have always been so important to me. They capture those moments that are so fleeting or that you may not have even noticed had happened.

I hope you enjoy, even though you don’t know me or my family personally. I always enjoy viewing wedding photos, even if they are of strangers, because each photo beautifully shows a unique relationship that is all their own. No one else has a relationship like them and I think it’s wonderful how that is captured through a lens.

Sex or intimacy hasn’t happened for us, and it probably won’t for awhile, but that’s okay. It doesn’t make you broken or any less married. Sure, our relationship is unconventional because we can’t have sex, but obviously we want to.

Despite the hardships that vaginismus can have on a relationship, we are still there for each other to battle through the storm. Love is more than sex or sexual desire. Love is genuinely being there for that person emotionally, during the good times and the bad. Love is expressing unparalleled strength. It is willingly taking on someone else’s baggage, so that you can share their burden and take away some of the weight they may carry.

Real love is accepting a person for who they truly are.

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