About Time

Last night, my fiance and I were having a stressful day. In fact, we have been pretty stressed for months now due to our jobs, money, health, family, etc. So, he recommended we watch About Time, a movie that his mom showed us when we first started dating.I adore this movie and HIGHLY recommend to … Continue reading About Time


A reminder to myself

In case things don't go the way I would like them to go, I wanted to write this blog to remind myself that it's okay. Don't fall down or lose your positivity because of it. Simply remind yourself that it wasn't meant to be and something better is on it's way. It could always be … Continue reading A reminder to myself


When people put you through the ringer, it is exceptionally damaging mentally, emotionally, and physically. I sometimes wonder why people handle delicate situations the way that they do. Why do they drag out the inevitable like it's a game? Do they honestly believe that that was the best way to do it or did they … Continue reading Change