RTL Television video segment

I totally underestimated the time frame of how long it takes a segment to appear on TV. So, since it was so long ago, let me take you back to October when RTL Television flew to my place from New York to shoot a segment for a German news channel on vaginismus. The whole shoot took about 8 hours to film and the segment is only a few minutes LOL ahhh editing. I literally just received the clip this morning and wanted to post it on here for all of you to see, since we don’t all live in Germany and can’t get this station freely.

I was a little shocked at the response the video received on their Facebook page, with one woman saying, “Really? Does this need to be posted around noon? It’s so inappropriate!” Sorry if my condition affected your bowel movements miss.

I was pretty upset to see the response, but it’s whatever. All press is good press, right?

Also, I have absolutely no idea what the German woman is saying in this video, both the newscaster and the woman with the book. So, if any of you speak German, can you give me a summary? Thanks!

And one last also! Ignore the extreme bloating…I look awful in the video but this was when the psychiatrist had me on medication that made me gain weight. I’m off of it now, but still struggling to remove the damage it had done.

Alright…so for some reason the video doesn’t want to play when I upload. So, if you would like to check out the video, click here!

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