My Lab Results

I hadn’t planned on coming on here to provide an update on my lab results, but I decided that it might be an interesting part of my journey with vaginismus.

The reason I say this is because there was one section of my lab results that didn’t quite make sense. I wasn’t sick when I took the test, nor did I feel sick at all. However, my C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac results were significantly high for having fasted for 12 hours.

The optimal reading for this is 0.00-3.00mg/L, whereas mine was 10.02. This is considered “above high normal.” They mentioned in the description that if it is this high, the patient should be examined for sources of inflammation.

While these numbers didn’t make much sense to me, except for being high, my gyno explained that, since I wasn’t sick during this test, it could be a sign of endometriosis (hence the inflammation). She said that was the only thing she could think of for me to have gotten a reading this high.

I have my consultation with my doctor on March 17th to talk about the Botox procedure and the procedure to see if I have endometriosis. At this rate, all signs are pointing to “yes,” but there could be some weird surprise twist.

The rest of my results indicated I was very deficient in B12 and very low in Vitamin D (Not surprising considering I live in a location that is always cloudy). However, this would explain my low energy and depressed mood. I’m also apparently almost pre-diabetic, but I’m also insulin resistant.

So, my diet has been altered and I’m taking supplements. Vitamin B12, D3 & K2 to be exact. My new diet basically consists of:

  1. Leafy greens
  2. Avocados
  3. Fish
  4. No sugar
  5. Very little – no Carbs
  6. Low Cholesterol (since that was also high)
  7. Vegetables
  8. Low Sodium
  9. Eggs
  10. And pretty much all the healthy things you can think of. My grocery cart looks like a health food store now.

On top of that, prior to getting my lab results, my psychiatrist put me on a higher dosage of Welbutrin and started me on Metformin. This combo should help with weight loss and, ironically, will also help with my insulin levels.

It will be interesting to see if I end up having endometriosis and if that lab result really did catch it. I guess I’ll find out within the next few months, depending on when the procedure is scheduled.

22 thoughts on “My Lab Results

  1. This sounds realLy interesting to me. I agree vitamin B12 and D deficiencies can cause low energy and depression. I’ve been deficient in both in the past. Do you get your B12 in oral supplements or do you get injections? I ask because it is recommended that you get injections since if you’re B12 deficient while you’re not strictly vegan, it is most likely you have some issue with malabsorption (yes, even if you don’t have the intrinsic factor thing). As for the inflammation, I hope the gyno figures out what is going on and if you do have endo, that you can get proper treatment.

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  2. I’m supposed to know what C-reactive protein is but that’s one lab value that I can’t seem to remember what it does. Your new diet looks really healthy, and very closely resembles something along the lines of a paleo diet. I highly recommend tan anti-inflammatory diet to anyone who is suffering from inflammation. My body does best on a less-processed, natural foods diet.

    You’ll begin to experiment with recipes and have little victories in terms of cooking/baking things you thought you never would. Now, we make own chips and french fries which is much much healthier. Occasionally, I will make protein gummy candy too! (a healthier version of store-bought candy). I even have a paleo recipe for fudge!

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      • Kale chips are a great alternative to regular potato chips. How dd you season them? I’ve tried making BBQ Kale Chips in the past which weren’t bad. My husband came up with the BBQ seasoning from scratch. I can’t handle mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) which is often found in packaged foods like potato chips. MSG gives me horrible insomnia. 😴🥱

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      • Sometimes simple is the BEST recipe! 😋 He says he uses paprika, a little brown sugar, a little liquid smoke, onion powder, and a tiny bit of BBQ sauce. Idk the measurements though, and that’s more complicated than I thought it was. I question the integrity of the BBQ sauce and the liquid smoke but at least his recipe doesn’t give me insomnia. We “air fry” our chips in the Actifry, and we cut them using an extension for the kitchen-aid that spiyralizes vegetables.

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      • The BBQ sauce is mixed in with the other ingredients. It should be a powder rub-type or mix with everything mixed together. Lemme know how it turns out if you try this with kale chips! 😋

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  3. Damn that’s a lot to take in I’m sure!! In my own similar journey I’ve found soooooo many issues come down to hormone imbalances, specifically for me: estrogen. I’m pretty much on the diet you’ve mentioned but also can have zero soy as it’s a major culprit in inflammation and feeds estrogen which in turn causes a host of issues. I know it doesn’t directly relate to the vitamin deficiencies and may not be your stuff at all-just sharing how maddening it can be to deal with so many pelvic issues. I’ve had to deal with one issue leading to another, one surgery leading to another….and overall a very frustrating battle to take into account what professionals say while listening to my body and trying to decide what I think could help. I will say hands down changing my diet has helped immensely. My body goes bananas with inflammation. It attacks infection or endo stuff like it’s the apocalypse and that leaves me drained & very depressed. Sorry this is so long, just relate a lot and it’s been years and years of work to balance out and heal

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  4. Hope you don’t mind if I say something on here about Metformin: That is good your doctor put you on this med for balancing out your blood sugar, since you said you said your lab results indicate you’re pre-diabetic(from A-1C tests). Umm..pre-diabetes have underlying causes that somewhere when you reach into later adult years, that might change into diabetes itself….not to worry you. Q: How much mg and how many tablets of metformin were you prescribed, per day? Take Care.

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    • 1000mg I believe, and he originally put it on for helping to balance weight, but ironically my lab review was the next doctors appointment and they said it would help with that. And I’m ALMOST prediabetic. Not prediabetic lol so that’s why the diet change so I can avoid it in my later years. Ill most likely only be on metformin will only be for 3-6 months to help my weight gain from my antidepressants.

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