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Hey everyone and Happy Sunday!

As I’m sitting here listening to Mozart, drinking my coffee and contemplating what I want to write about this morning, I thought it would be fun to discuss inspiration through music and see what songs inspire you. I know that can be a difficult question because you might have different songs that inspire you for different occasions. Perhaps, you even have songs that inspire you to channel a specific emotion. One song might inspire you to write something happy, while another will really sink deep into your thoughts and bring up painful memories of the past. Nevertheless, just like scents trigger past memories and emotions, music can also do the same and more.

Music helps to keep you motivated, especially if you are listening to a favorite song. For instance, if you are dealing with a boring task at work, tuning into your favorite song will help you to get the task done because it keeps you energized. This also applies really well to working out! Listening to your favorite tunes in the gym will keep you “in the zone.”

Songs enhance the memory and improve cognition. Just like art, songs have a way of fueling your creative thinking. However, studies show that happy classical music enhanced cognitive thinking over any other type of genre. Researchers suggest that if you are stuck on a problem, then listening to happy classical music will help you to problem solve at a quicker rate than listening to any other type of music. Just a fun fact for those difficult work days πŸ™‚

A list of artists/composers/songs that inspire me when I’m working are:

  1. Mozart and other Classical or Instrumental Music
  2. Christmas Music
  3. Ambient Music
  4. Celtic Music

Now, when it comes down to music I listen to when I’m working out, I tend to listen to club music. If I’m taking a walk or need a bit of a pick me up during a lull at work, I’ll listen to 2000s Rock or current hits.

I have so many songs that I listen to, but recently I’ve been listening to this song on repeat thanks to my fiance for playing it during a drive. It brings back memories of when I was severely depressed and how I sometimes feel inside. Some people don’t realize what it’s like to have depression and think you are just doing it for attention. It reminds me of putting on a fake smile for everyone, but feeling absolutely out of control internally. While others think you are doing okay, you know you are barely keeping yourself going.

So what songs inspire or motivate you? Do you have a particular song that you are listening to now? Does it bring up any emotion?

10 thoughts on “Songs that Inspire

  1. I’m so happy that I read this because I couldn’t agree with you more. I love listening to classical music, and/or soundscapes. Not only does it relax me, but it does stimulate the creative side of me.
    When I know I have to do chores around the house… I always turn on my 80’s hits to motivate me. In no time at all, my cleaning is done, and I had fun singing to all my favorite hits. LOL!

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  2. No way! This is my favorite song! My husband always says, you alone have made this song popular! I have it scheduled to go out on one of my Mind Field Mondays! I am sorry that this song brought up bad memories for you… Music is as memorable as a sight, sound, or flavor. It emits emotions about that time of our life. I am an 80’s teen. We went from big hair bands to alternative. AC/DC to Pearl Jam. I love all kinds of music but I have a hard time with opera. Just can’t take the sopranos! ~Kim

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  3. I hadn’t heard that track by Youth before so thank for sharing, it’s so pretty, I love it. You’re right – music is such a powerful thing and can really enhance and create emotions and experiences. I find a little rock and cheesy music can both motivate me, whereas more eloquent, moody music can inspire. xx


  4. For writing, I really like to listen to white noise. I have been gravitating to videos of outdoor fires in Norway – can you tell I miss my fireplace!?
    I also like the train – there is an awesome video on youtube for this.
    If I want to write fast – fast drafting – I put on Baroque music. There is something about the beat that gets my brain moving. I haven’t thought about that in a long time – thanks for the brain nudge.

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