Sex Education: A Netflix Original

I have a habit of wanting to watch TV Shows & Movies that challenge me. Sometimes they make me feel uncomfortable, but I began to realize that I enjoy those types of shows. When I saw Netflix’s new Original TV Show: Sex Education, I instantly wanted to watch it. Here was my initial logic:

  1. It has British actors
  2. They deal with sexual problems
  3. It is a comedy and I needed a good laugh

I will say that the show did not disappoint, and I spent one whole day watching Season 1. It is hilarious and deals with a teenage boy, who is struggling with his own sexual dysfunction, but begins to form a side job where he gives sex advice to other teenagers. I highly recommend it!

Once I was introduced to one particular individual in the show, I had a hunch that this person might have vaginismus. Then, in Episode 8, low and behold, I was right! The whole situation in that episode dealt with vaginismus and sexual dysfunctions, which really made me buzz with excitement! I was thrilled a TV Show decided to highlight this condition and have a whole episode devoted to it! I will say that they do not conclude with the girl overcoming her condition, but I was happy to see that it was addressed.

Additionally, the show deals with other important issues, like LGBT and acceptance. I’m definitely waiting on the edge of my seat for Season 2 to come out, but until then, I guess I’ll have to find a new show to binge watch.

I will say that the sex scenes don’t hold back and, while that does not bother me, I have been told by other individuals, who suffer from vaginismus or a sexual dysfunction, that they felt too uncomfortable to watch. However, I think it’s healthy to give everything a try at least once. Watch it and see if you enjoy it as well 🙂 Without continuing on with the show, I would have never reached the point where they discuss vaginismus!

16 thoughts on “Sex Education: A Netflix Original

  1. Thank you for the information. I was going to watch it and then thought it would be serious. I recognize the one actor Asa Butterfield from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I will watch it. Thank you again! 🤗

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  2. Wow I’m so impressed they discuss vaginismus in this show! I have had it recommended to me but have not yet bothered with it because it didn’t sound like my thing, I will now at least watch episode 8 😂

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  3. Hello,
    Just started looking at your blog today as I suffer from the same issue. I just wanted to tell you I finished watching sex education last week and the show was incredible. That last episode of the seasons brought a lot of emotion in my heart- I’m so glad there is awareness about this condition that tortures me daily.

    I will follow your blog 🙂

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    • Hi there! Thank you so much for dropping by and replying! 🙂 I agree, the last episode left me with so many emotions and I’m so eager for season 2. Yay to netflix for spreading the word about female sexual dysfunctions, or simply sexual dysfunctions in general 🙂


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