Breathing exercise

Sharing this link my therapist gave me on a breathing technique. Not only will it help with anxiety, but I found that it actually helps my PC muscles relax. We definitely don't use the full capacity of our lungs, so our brains are not getting as much oxygen as they could. Also, apparently the Navy … Continue reading Breathing exercise


Sex Should Not Be Painful: The Stigma of Vaginismus

Planned Parenthood posted a GREAT article onΒ  vaginismus that I wanted to share with all of you. They explain what the condition is, as well as discuss the lack of information women receive when they are diagnosed. I think it's important to also note that society also gives us mixed messages about sex, as the … Continue reading Sex Should Not Be Painful: The Stigma of Vaginismus

New Facebook Group

Just yesterday, I decided to start a Facebook group relating to vaginismus and mental health. It is designed to spread awareness, but also give individuals a platform to discuss their experiences, ask questions and share stories. If you are interested in helping this group to grow, please join the group! πŸ™‚ Living with Vaginismus reading New Facebook Group