Day 8: Biking

My fiance's birthday yesterday was a success! I made him dinner, we biked so that he could play pokemon, got ice cream and came back home to watch Parks and Rec. Today was definitely a better workout, and good thing too because we didn't eat so great. We biked over 10 miles and burnt a … Continue reading Day 8: Biking

Day 7

Today was definitely not one of my best days for working out. However, I could have stayed in bed feeling depressed but I didn't. I got up, got myself together and used the elliptical for 15 minutes. It wasn't a long time because some guy was in there and that stuff always makes me nervous...but … Continue reading Day 7

Day 5

So my friend and I were actually productive at the gym! I feel really good about today and have been on an extreme high. I feel productive, happy and motivated. I have noticed that I have not been as fatigued or undergone bad IBS problems since I've been eating healthier. My mind and gut appear … Continue reading Day 5