Off to a great start :P

So not really, but I didn't want a negative title. Basically, because I'm still sick and have a fever, I couldn't go to the gym. Instead, I did some 6 minute abs and a few arm exercises. Nothing particularly fancy. My diet also consisted of mainly jello, popsicles, and a peanut butter sandwich. I also … Continue reading Off to a great start 😛

Book review: Living With Vaginismus — Mental Health @ Home

In Living with Vaginismus: Dealing with the World’s Most Painful Pleasure, Victoria Johnston provides a comprehensive overview of this pelvic pain condition. She opens up about her own personal experience in order to try to raise awareness about an issue that most people either don’t know about and/or aren’t comfortable talking about. Vaginismus involves the […] … Continue reading Book review: Living With Vaginismus — Mental Health @ Home