Goodbye Baby Victoria!

I’m so excited to take a step forward into a new chapter in my life once the wedding is over. I’m taking this wedding as, not only an end of the old me, but also a brand-new beginning that is bigger and brighter than ever. People’s true colors have emerged as my fiancé and I … Continue reading Goodbye Baby Victoria!

Bloggers helping bloggers

It's always nice to see women helping other women uplift each other, so that they too can succeed. For me, I always enjoy meeting fellow colleagues, who share an interest in spreading the word about vaginismus and try to help other women overcome this condition. These women spend their days creating a healing environment where … Continue reading Bloggers helping bloggers

Sex Should Not Be Painful: The Stigma of Vaginismus

Planned Parenthood posted a GREAT article on  vaginismus that I wanted to share with all of you. They explain what the condition is, as well as discuss the lack of information women receive when they are diagnosed. I think it's important to also note that society also gives us mixed messages about sex, as the … Continue reading Sex Should Not Be Painful: The Stigma of Vaginismus

New Facebook Group

Just yesterday, I decided to start a Facebook group relating to vaginismus and mental health. It is designed to spread awareness, but also give individuals a platform to discuss their experiences, ask questions and share stories. If you are interested in helping this group to grow, please join the group! 🙂 Living with Vaginismus reading New Facebook Group