About Time

Last night, my fiance and I were having a stressful day. In fact, we have been pretty stressed for months now due to our jobs, money, health, family, etc. So, he recommended we watch About Time, a movie that his mom showed us when we first started dating.I adore this movie and HIGHLY recommend to … Continue reading About Time


Christmas comparisons

Christmas can be a time of great cheer, with lots of laughter and love all around you. However, Christmas can also be extraordinarily stressful, with lots of bills stacking up, presents needing to be purchased, dinners needing to be made, and that's only scrapping the surface. While some people might be entering into new relationships … Continue reading Christmas comparisons


When people put you through the ringer, it is exceptionally damaging mentally, emotionally, and physically. I sometimes wonder why people handle delicate situations the way that they do. Why do they drag out the inevitable like it's a game? Do they honestly believe that that was the best way to do it or did they … Continue reading Change