Very Rough Start of My Book

Since I'm going to write this book as a memoir, I have to find a way begin again. Scrapping my previous pages wasn't as heartbreaking as I thought it would be, and I think that's because I knew the story wasn't as powerful as it could be. Here is a very rough draft of a … Continue reading Very Rough Start of My Book


My Opinion on Medication

Before we start, I just want to preface that this post is purely my opinion on the topic. I do not wish to offend anyone or sway you to agree with me. Also, everyone is different, so the results I had may be vastly different from yours. I have been given so much medication for … Continue reading My Opinion on Medication


When people put you through the ringer, it is exceptionally damaging mentally, emotionally, and physically. I sometimes wonder why people handle delicate situations the way that they do. Why do they drag out the inevitable like it's a game? Do they honestly believe that that was the best way to do it or did they … Continue reading Change