Vulvar Desensitization

Thinking Beyond the Dilators I was given this link by Jackie Leduc, Owner of Cumberland Yoga & Mobility Studio in Ottawa Ontario. I'm attaching her website link HERE! Go visit because she's very knowledgeable on the subject of Pelvic Floor healing and an all around wonderful human being 🙂 When I sat down to read … Continue reading Vulvar Desensitization

Fear of Intimacy and Ways to Overcome it

One thing that many women who suffer from vaginismus fear, or end up being afraid of, is intimacy. I never used to be afraid of intimacy, but after knowingly having vaginismus and experiencing painful sex for almost 2 years, I began to shy away from it. Keep in mind intimacy doesn't mean just sex. Intimacy … Continue reading Fear of Intimacy and Ways to Overcome it

New Facebook Group

Just yesterday, I decided to start a Facebook group relating to vaginismus and mental health. It is designed to spread awareness, but also give individuals a platform to discuss their experiences, ask questions and share stories. If you are interested in helping this group to grow, please join the group! 🙂 Living with Vaginismus reading New Facebook Group