Feeling emotional

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you are letting the moments pass you by? You try so hard to stay positive and look happy but inside you are spining out of control. Everything around you makes you question yourself and your life decisions. You even begin to question your past and … Continue reading Feeling emotional

The devastating truth

I hate seeing things fall apart. Especially things that I'm passionate about, yet have no control over. It's like you are watching an absolute trainwreck, but are powerless to stop it. Maybe if I was superman I could 🙂 When something old, beautiful and historic finds itself under poor management, you have to wonder what … Continue reading The devastating truth


Some days you get into a strange stage of remembrance. They can be happy thoughts of nostalgia or thoughts that haunt you from the past. Whichever you are feeling that day, know that the confusion won't last. I'm sure we can all relate when we look at pictures from the past. A flood of emotions … Continue reading Time