“Working on Us” Week #24 Blog Post

BeckiesMentalMess created this wonderfully unique blogging opportunity that, not only gets the community involved, but also spreads awareness about an important topic : mental health. If you would like to read her "Working on Us - Week #24" post that helped to spark this conversation, click here: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/66556224/posts/2490771519 Managing Good Mental Health During The Holiday … Continue reading “Working on Us” Week #24 Blog Post

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Ascension

When you ascend, it indicates that you are moving upward. Ascending can be literal or it can be figurative. Sometimes, when we think of the word ascension, we think of the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven from Earth. Other times, we think of ourselves as ascending up a flight of stairs. The picture I have … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: My Ascension