FemFusion Fitness

Over the weekend, my mom showed me this really interesting program that she bought and is currently using. She said she has had great results so far and showed me a few of the videos that you receive when you purchase the program. It looks very promising for many women...and men! This is not really … Continue reading FemFusion Fitness

How to Use Dilators Correctly

Dilators: Those annoying, yet helpful, phallic-looking plastic, silicone or glass instruments used to help stretch the PC muscles ❤️ Pediatric sizes Vaginal sizes Many women are given dilators without any instruction on how to use them. Of course, these cylindrical tools can be extremely helpful if used correctly. Physical Therapists will show you how to … Continue reading How to Use Dilators Correctly

Day 5

So my friend and I were actually productive at the gym! I feel really good about today and have been on an extreme high. I feel productive, happy and motivated. I have noticed that I have not been as fatigued or undergone bad IBS problems since I've been eating healthier. My mind and gut appear … Continue reading Day 5