Sleep Paralysis

Have any of you experienced sleep paralysis? Honestly, I never had until recently. I had experienced vivid hallucinations and lucid dreaming, but never something like this. The vivid hallucinations happened a few years back when I was incredibly stressed out. You can read about that in a blog I wrote last year: How your body … Continue reading Sleep Paralysis

Dream Board

Have any of you made a “Dream Board” before? I’ve been toying with the idea recently for two reasons: I can stimulate my mind with some creativity in crafting I can plant my dreams on this board, hopefully manifesting some positivity into my life I’m slowly being weaned off Zoloft and have been placed on … Continue reading Dream Board

Apologies are often nice, and sometimes needed

Have you ever just wanted an apology from someone so badly that it infiltrates your dreams? Even my subconscious mind is pretending I'm receiving an apology from said person because it is trying to heal itself in the only way that it knows how. The mind is a strange thing... Sometimes it's extremely helpful and … Continue reading Apologies are often nice, and sometimes needed