Writer’s block…again

I am having so much trouble writing this second book on vaginismus. I don't know why the fictional story is so much more difficult to get into. I thought it would be hella fun, but every time I go to the computer to write, I just sit there and stare at the document. I'm beginning … Continue reading Writer’s block…again

Beginning of the day

I feel like my day is off to a good start!!! I went to my psychiatrist today and he is taking me off of abilify because it has caused me to gain almost 50lbs. Even with running this morning and not having anything to eat today, I was still 15lbs heavier than a few weeks … Continue reading Beginning of the day

Day 7

Today was definitely not one of my best days for working out. However, I could have stayed in bed feeling depressed but I didn't. I got up, got myself together and used the elliptical for 15 minutes. It wasn't a long time because some guy was in there and that stuff always makes me nervous...but … Continue reading Day 7

Day 5

So my friend and I were actually productive at the gym! I feel really good about today and have been on an extreme high. I feel productive, happy and motivated. I have noticed that I have not been as fatigued or undergone bad IBS problems since I've been eating healthier. My mind and gut appear … Continue reading Day 5