Language Diaries

I don't know if any of you have had, what I'm self-diagnosing as, a ganglion cyst, but it hurts really bad. I know I'm no doctor, but a few of my colleagues have also had this type of bubble on their wrist in the same location as mine. Sadly, it's right above my little paw … Continue reading Language Diaries

Do Affirmations Really Work?

So our air conditioner decided to die yesterday morning, after weeks of telling the apartment complex something seemed wrong with it. It's unfortunate that outside, in 90 degree weather with high humidity, is cooler than being in your own apartment. The apartment complex did give us a fan, which we put in the bedroom and … Continue reading Do Affirmations Really Work?

Harry Potter Tag – Pass it along!

So I recently saw someone post this tag and I really wanted to participate! I haven't been "officially" tagged or anything, but I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter and loved these questions. Let's begin! What house are you in? Gryffindor according to Pottermore :)What is your patronus? A Tonkinese Cat, whatever that type of cat is. I just took the quiz on Pottermore … Continue reading Harry Potter Tag – Pass it along!