Language Diaries

I don't know if any of you have had, what I'm self-diagnosing as, a ganglion cyst, but it hurts really bad. I know I'm no doctor, but a few of my colleagues have also had this type of bubble on their wrist in the same location as mine. Sadly, it's right above my little paw … Continue reading Language Diaries

Sunday Funday and Artwork

Really guys?! LOL Unrelated, today has been super productive! I cleaned the whole apartment at 8:00am this morning, did the laundry, bedding, etc. Then I decided to pick up my pencil and drawing pad again. It's been YEARS! I'm excited because drawing was my main way of expressing myself, but it has fallen through the … Continue reading Sunday Funday and Artwork

Harry Potter Tag – Pass it along!

So I recently saw someone post this tag and I really wanted to participate! I haven't been "officially" tagged or anything, but I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter and loved these questions. Let's begin! What house are you in? Gryffindor according to Pottermore :)What is your patronus? A Tonkinese Cat, whatever that type of cat is. I just took the quiz on Pottermore … Continue reading Harry Potter Tag – Pass it along!