Speak out against the stigma

I'm sure the majority of us, who suffer from mental health conditions, have come across a person who simply doesn't understand what it means. They may have been confused, weirded out or downright mean when they found out. Some may have even excused it for a phase or blamed the person for having a mental … Continue reading Speak out against the stigma

Feeling that Sunrise

It's crazy how a change of medication can make you go from feeling absolutely hopeless and distant to feeling wonderful and happy again. I finally feel like myself and I truly hope this euphoria lasts. I have been focusing on being more creative, which has been something I had been neglecting for years now due … Continue reading Feeling that Sunrise

Apologies are often nice, and sometimes needed

Have you ever just wanted an apology from someone so badly that it infiltrates your dreams? Even my subconscious mind is pretending I'm receiving an apology from said person because it is trying to heal itself in the only way that it knows how. The mind is a strange thing... Sometimes it's extremely helpful and … Continue reading Apologies are often nice, and sometimes needed