A Day Like Any Other

While today has pretty much sucked, I feel like tomorrow will be worse. I can’t help but stress over a problem I’m having (intentionally being vague for obvious reasons) and really trying to hold it all together.

I’m trying to tell myself, “You did the best you could. Mistakes happen.” I hope the other party sees it that way too but…well…

Our dishwasher also broke, so now water has pooled and remains stagnant. It’s leaking all over the floor so we are doing our best to soak it up and keep calling maintenance. It’s been 4 days…

To steer the conversation in a more positive direction, I have started reading again and have come across some interesting books. I was trying to find free Kindle books and the ones I found were “Southern Spirits” and “All the Pretty Monsters” series.

I have to say, they are on completely different ends of the spectrum. For instance, “Southern Spirits” is a comedy that is just a light-hearted, fun and easy read, whereas the other is what they call a Reverse Harem. It has dark humor and is quite raunchy. However, I do thoroughly enjoy it. It’s pretty entertaining and, if you’re into that sort of thing, I recommend you check it out.

Do you have any book recommendations? I need a good one after I finish these series.

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