My Husband’s Birthday Gift

I mentioned that I would post the drawing I was working on once I finished it in my previous blog Art I’ve Created While I’ve Been Away.

This is one of his favorite duos in any anime show. I kind of explained the premise of this show, rather poorly, in another blog I recently wrote called Some Anime to Watch.

We are rewatching the show and I feel like I can explain some things a bit better now.

The two in the picture I drew below are the main protagonists, Gon and Killua.

Both want to compete in the Hunter exam to become “Hunters,” but meet eachother and find adventures along the way. Their personalities are the exact opposite and one quote Killua said was, “Gon, you are light itself. Sometimes you’re too bright and I can’t look at you… But can I still stay by your side?”

It’s a cute and fun show. I’m happy we are rewatching it because it’s just a nice breath of fresh air.

Check it out if you are curious! It is on Netflix now!

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