Do Affirmations Really Work?

So our air conditioner decided to die yesterday morning, after weeks of telling the apartment complex something seemed wrong with it. It’s unfortunate that outside, in 90 degree weather with high humidity, is cooler than being in your own apartment.

The apartment complex did give us a fan, which we put in the bedroom and shut all the doors to keep at least one room cool in the place.

My husband and I have been cooling off our dog with a cold rag every half hour and try to keep him in the bedroom, where it has been getting cooler, with tons of water.

They said they will drop by today to fix it, so I’m hoping they do because we can’t keep having it this hot with our dog.

However, this wasn’t why I initially came on here.

Initially, I came on here to talk about ways I have been trying to handle my stress and depression.

While there is a long list, the two that I wanted to focus on in this post are affirmations and positive thinking.

I’m not really sure what else to call it, aside from “positive thinking,” but I’ll explain it for you.

It was something my therapist suggested and, surprisingly, it has helped. Obviously, it’s not a cure all by any means, but it has helped me to feel a bit better about myself and even more motivated to do things I couldn’t do before.

She suggested that, at the end of each day, I list 3 things that I did that were positive. She said that even getting out of bed or simply surviving the day can be one of my 3 positivities.

I wasn’t sure at first. I was having a really hard time coming up with anything positive in my life, so I didn’t know how this could possibly help. However, I did try it.

She said that after 10 days of doing this there should be some results forming.

So I started to make my list in my head at the end of each day.

At first, it was simply me thinking over and over again that “I went to work. I survived. I got out of bed.”

However, after doing this for days and, sometimes even forcing myself to do so, I noticed a few changes in myself and in my daily life.

I went to the grocery store without even thinking twice about it. I went to the gym without my husband having to force me to go. I walked to the gas station with him at night instead of staying home.

It were these little things that I could start adding to my list. Eventually my list was becoming more complex and even more positive. I began to feel like I was finally achieving things that had been impossible for me to do prior.

My list went from me saying, “I survived” to “I made dinner after work and even took time to study and draw.”

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this simple process would bring me to accomplish things again and become more motivated.

Then, I started watching YouTube videos again that I hadn’t been able to watch in years. I know that sounds silly but, like I mentioned before, I couldn’t do anything except for distracting myself with learning Korean and listening to the one groups’ music.

One of the YouTubers I watched said that she started to try affirmations and that they have been helping her with her mental health. I thought about it for a bit and decided to look into it. Naturally, a lot of those videos are dull and difficult to take seriously. Plus, I really hate people saying things like, “You can create your own happiness” or “Just think positively and good things will come.”

However, I did find one video that recoils away from those stupid sayings that I now listen to every morning.

It’s only 10 minutes, so I listen to it while I drive to work. At first, I did feel really silly, but then I began to feel a bit better, little by little, every day.

Obviously, you have to find your own video because not everyone likes to listen to the same voice. Everyone has different tastes. However, I will say that I do feel lighter listening to it. Again, I don’t feel great, but I do feel like I am heading in a good direction.

Hopefully these help you. I know that it’s hard to do anything when you are depressed, so it’s nice that these two things require little energy, yet have the ability to positively impact you.

Let me know below if you have any techniques to help with your depression or anxiety.

6 thoughts on “Do Affirmations Really Work?

  1. For me, the effectiveness of affirmations depends on where they’re pitched relative to where I’m at. If, on a scale where 0=really negative and 10=really positive, I’m sitting around a 2, an affirmation that’s about a 5 will help, but an affirmation that’s closer to a 10 will just annoy me.

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