Some Art I’ve Created While I’ve Been Away

One of the things I’ve been trying to get back into is drawing. I’ve even been trying new mediums to keep myself interested and motivated.

I used to spend HOURS in my room drawing. I remember laying on the floor, my pencils sprawled out on the floor around me, my black jukebox playing to my right side and my hands covered with charcoal or graphite.

I loved and miss nights like those. Especially when I opened the window and let in the fresh breeze. I hate that my depression became so severe that drawing, which used to ease my sadness, became too difficult and demanding on me mentally and physically.

My brain couldn’t handle the mess that was already going on in there and I was overwhelmed with life. Like a balloon that keeps filling with air and you’re afraid it may pop. Things that used to be easy seemed almost impossible to accomplish anymore, like going grocery shopping or getting gas.

At the end of 2019, I tried drawing again. When my husband and I started to watch anime, the animation and stories gave me inspiration. I decided to dust off my drawing supplies and get to work.

It’s been a rough process because when you haven’t done something in so long, like 6+ years, you have to basically relearn drawing. I’m still working on it. It’s frustrating but I’m hoping to get back to the level I used to be at.

For example, I used to be able to draw without looking at pictures too much and I didn’t need to rely on tools to help me get certain shapes I needed. My shading used to be more realistic and, had I never stopped drawing, I know I would be at a much higher level with my art.

However, starting off drawing anime was fun because it was different. I used to only draw more realistic people, so the block shapes and harsh jagged lines were refreshing and less demanding. This was the first one I drew:

Cowboy Bebop

I was quite proud of it and continued to draw more based off of the new anime he was showing me.

Samurai Champloo
Cowboy Bebop
Your Name

After drawing numerous anime, I began to miss the more realistic art I used to draw. My brain was getting used to this style and I was finding it extremely difficult to get back into realism. I’ve been working on it but, like I mentioned before, it’s been an extremely slow and difficult process.

The group, specifically the one individual, I began to listen to inspired me the most to get back into realism. The reason why I started with him is because I need to feel something in order to draw it. It needs to bring out some kind of emotion in me. I’ve always been this way, which I why even my older drawings were of movie or book characters.

So this was where I started:

After this one, I became kind of addicted to drawing this person because it made me feel a variety of emotions and kept me motivated to keep drawing people.

Not all of them turned out decent. I threw many away that, after just staring at the results, realized were complete trash.

I haven’t tried to draw anymore realism since the one I drew after this, which went into the trash pile. However, I am drawing an anime-style colored piece for my husband’s birthday. I had never drawn with colored pencil before the image above, so this artwork will be my second time doing so. I always get nervous I’m going to ruin the piece with my limited coloring skills, especially shading with color, but so far the piece is turning out nicely.

I’ll be sure to post the finished piece when I’m done with it!

Do you have a hobby that you are trying to get back into? Maybe it’s even a new hobby that you have recently started to learn?

3 thoughts on “Some Art I’ve Created While I’ve Been Away

  1. I used to sketch but haven’t done so since I was 12. One day someone asked me to draw something so I attempted to draw Miku Hatsune. I think I was 21. It took me 6+ hours to sketch her and sadly the original art got ruined in storage. I totally get not wanting to ruin a piece of artwork. I couldn’t imagine drawing with charcoal!

    Your drawings are amazing and I hope you keep drawing! I really like the anime-style art that you’ve done so far! 🙂

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    • Oh no! I’m so sorry about your drawing! That’s a gutting feeling. I’ve had that happen before and I’m always so cautious now with my artwork. People probably think I’m crazy with how cautious I am, but it’s incredibly easy to smudge or smear the art and ruin the piece. Thanks so much for saying that! It’s a fun style to draw in and one I had never tried out before this

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