Deleting Facebook

When I say I “deleted Facebook,” I really meant that I deleted the app from my phone and never go on it. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Honestly, Facebook has always been the worst social media for my anxiety, depression and self-esteem. So, back in 2019, I turned off all notifications and went completely awol. I felt a giant weight lift off my shoulders. It was like I was breathing fresh air again.

After that feeling, I just decided to remove the app from my phone completely. I do still go on my Facebook group to accept requests and approve posts, but I never have to go through my main Facebook page to do so. I just made a direct link of my group on my phone to completely eliminate all the other steps to get there.

However, I am considering finding a new admin for my Facebook group or deleting it because it has been stressing me out lately. For some reason, people are being real assholes. They also aren’t listening to what I’m saying. I feel like the black sheep of my own damn group. That sounded really dramatic, but hopefully you can understand what I mean here.

Unfortunately, being an asshole is a common trend that I’ve noticed with most people recently, and I’m not just saying this about the Facebook group.

I’m warring with myself because I really don’t want to delete something that has been beneficial for the vast majority of individuals. I have a hard time ignoring the negativity, aside from eliminating it from my life altogether.

But I just have no idea who could be admin. I’ll probably keep it up until I can find a replacement.

That was long and lengthy way of me basically just answering my own question…sorry about that.

Now some of you might say, “She completely disconnected herself from everyone!”

And the truth is, yes…yes I did. Back at the end of 2019, I also turned off my phone for awhile and that was so nice. It all began because I was overwhelmed and saddened by people being fuck faces to me, but that is water under the bridge, so I won’t get into it.

I decided to only follow things on Twitter and Instagram that make me smile, like animals, Korean language learning and SHINee stuff. I get on Reddit mostly for the SHINee group page and have found it to be the most relaxing and enjoyable type of social media that involves talking to people.

In fact, I love talking to people on there! 1. We all share the same interests 2. We are extremely respectful towards one another and 3. Many people suffer from mental health struggles and no one is afraid to post about it and have a discussion.

Honestly, these people have been more supportive than those I know personally.

Some of you might be thinking, “Hold on, didn’t she say in a recent post that she uses a type of social media app for languages?”

Yes, yes I do, and it’s called HelloTalk. However, for me, the app is purely to ask questions about learning the Korean language and to meet individuals from other countries and learn about their culture. It’s also designed so that you can do a language exchange and help someone learn English while they teach you Korean (or any other language you are studying).

I have no intention of getting back on Facebook or following people unless they post about my interests or hobbies and it makes me smile.

I may follow people I know personally on Instagram, but I don’t have their posts show up on my feed.  If I want to know what’s going on in their life, I’ll just ask them. They can also do the same if they are curious on how I’m doing. I have their number and they have mine.

I felt like I needed this rant today, so if you’ve made it this far, thank you. Too many things were causing me to feel attacked and pissed off, so I needed to vent before I exploded.

Are you guys still using Facebook? I honestly think many people aren’t using it anymore, but I could be wrong about that.

Do you use any form of social media at all or does it feel toxic and overwhelming to you?

7 thoughts on “Deleting Facebook

  1. I avoid social media entirely. I use WordPress and Pinterest, neither of which I think of as social media. I’m just beyond caring about where people are supposed to be connected. I’m the one that gets to be in charge of my online life.

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