FemFusion Fitness

Over the weekend, my mom showed me this really interesting program that she bought and is currently using. She said she has had great results so far and showed me a few of the videos that you receive when you purchase the program.

It looks very promising for many women…and men!

This is not really a review, per say. I’m just going to start my 7-day free trial tonight, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to purchase the actual Pelvic Pain program. However, if you have the means to do so, and this sounds like something that might be beneficial for you, definitely check it out!

FemFusion was created by Dr. Bri, a doctor of physical therapy and a women’s health and nutrition coach. She has had her own health issues, such as bladder leakage and a mild pelvic organ prolapse from having a baby. Not only that, but she also struggled with depression and anxiety for many years.

While I was looking through her website, I noticed that she also has a book, podcast and YouTube channel, which I started to watch but haven’t had a chance to really sit back and soak them in.

However, what stuck out to me the most was how often she discusses issues relating to painful sex and tightened vaginal muscles.

It was really nice to see that she has a whole YouTube playlist on Painful Sex. Perhaps, if you can’t purchase the program right away, you can start with these videos! I think I’ll be doing a mixture of that and my free trial until I have the funds.

I’m very excited to try this! That’s saying something, considering I haven’t felt hope regarding vaginismus for many many years now.

If you have tried one of her programs or her free videos, let me know below! I’d love to hear your feedback and for you to share your experience with this community.

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