Writer’s Block: Advice?

Have any of you ever tried to write a fictional novel based on events that have actually happened to you?

Did you find it terribly difficult? If so, why was it difficult for you?

I’m struggling for many reasons.

  1. It’s sometimes difficult to remember everything and, when I do, the memories make me sad.
  2. Despite changing the names of people, I often wonder if it is too obvious who I’m talking about.
  3. After I reread what I wrote, I find that the chapter reads well but it’s too short. How do I make it longer if that was really all that happened that day? It wouldn’t flow right to add more to it.
  4. When I take a break and come back to writing, I always sit down and read what I’ve already written. After that, I get serious roadblock. Is that normal?

Just looking for some advice or wondering if this happens to others.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Advice?

    • Thanks 🙂 I used to write all the time from a young age. I wrote hundreds of pages worth of novels in my school notebook and the words always came so easily. It’s a challenge though when you are writing novels that are based on your past though. It has messed me up mentally, so I just stopped writing that particular story.

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  1. Putting pressure on myself has been a show stopper for me.
    Giving myself permission to write a poor first draft helps me just focus on getting words out, and not so much on quality.
    I find that to be the single most effective strategy in creative work. It helps to bypass that nagging rational mind and let the subconscious and emotional mind come in, which is where true creativity comes from!
    Other strategies involve maintaining “writing prompts” throughout the week, whenever a thought of inspiration sparks up, just capture it in a notebook or on piece of paper. Enough detail to spark thoughts, emphasize emotion invoking words that spark the same excited state you were in when you had the idea. Revisit it when you’re read to write.
    I’ve explored writer’s block in great depth in my writing recently as well.
    Good luck, we believe in you (:

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