Lets Talk About Botox…Again

In my book, Living with Vaginismus, I talk about the Botox Procedure and mention it briefly again in my blog post Best Tips/Advice Relating to Vaginismus. I then shared Botox Stories from Reddit to give you a better idea of other individual’s perspective on the procedure. Today, I’m going to re-visit this topic because more information has come out since I last spoke about it.

As many of you know, I plan on getting this procedure if all goes well. It took me some time to consider this as an option because, when I had last done research on this topic, the results were very mixed. I wasn’t sure if it would cause more problems rather than help me.

However, the procedure has been getting a lot more recognition lately, and many more women are using this as a treatment option for their vaginismus. So far, the good results out-way any of the negative, and the negative results are mostly because the client didn’t do the exercises at home like they were supposed to or went to a bad doctor.

It’s important to do your research, and you’re hearing this from a Historian, Anthropologist and Museum Professional. We like research…a lot 🙂

Dr. Peter Pacik was the first person to utilize Botox as a form of treatment for vaginismus, and I had the fun opportunity of chatting with him briefly.

With just one procedure, Botox has had a 97% success rate. However, there are some individuals who have to repeat the procedure a second time. Again, this could be because they were unable to perform their at-home exercises, still couldn’t overcome their anxiety or fears with sex and intimacy, or had a bad Botox experience.

The Botox Procedure injects 100 – 150 units of botox into three important muscles in the vagina that can prevent penetration. Keep in mind that this amount of botox is only one and a half vials of botox, whereas 200 vials is the amount that will cause a patient to become ill. So you are receiving very little into the body.

The patients are under anesthesia during this procedure, since many women with vaginismus can’t even handle a gynecological examination.

The botox weakens the spastic vaginal muscles that are preventing penetration, and an even higher dose of botox is injected into the entry muscles.

Botox seems to work on patients with vaginismus because, when they experience pain-free sex after the injections, it re-wires their brains to not fear sex and the pain associated with it. The botox simply provides initial relaxation of the PC muscles, which allows the body to become use to the sensation of sex without tensing up. It reduces the patient’s anxiety and retrains their muscles to work properly, especially when they combine the botox procedure with dilation and therapy.

Keeping up with dilating for at least a year keeps the muscles stretched and malleable, or less likely to go back to tensing up during penetration.

The botox itself lasts about four months and, after six months, the effects of the botox disappear. However, by this point in the process, most of the patients have already achieved pain-free sex or dilation.

The botox usually takes 2-5 days to take effect; however, many women can insert the largest dilator immediately after treatment. Once the effects of the botox occurs, women have an easier time dilating.

Naturally, every procedure has potential side effects. This means that at least one person has experienced one of these issues after the procedure occurred, so by law, they have to state these as risks.

The two side effects include:

  1. Urinary incontinence
  2. Blurry vision

I’m finding that this procedure is happening all over the world. It initially began in America, but doctors everywhere are picking up this form of treatment to help their patients.

I’m hoping to document my own procedure, as well as the part where they look to see if I have endometriosis, and even see if I can get pictures because I’m weird like that. Although, how many of us get the opportunity to see our PC muscles? I think it would be cool to see exactly what it looks like down there!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my ability 🙂

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