“Be a Lady They Said”

Katrin With Love posted this video on my Living with Vaginismus Facebook Group. I was so happy she did she because this video leaves a very powerful message for the viewer.

Be A Lady They Said

When I watched this video, I instantly began to tear up without even realizing it. I got goosebumps and had flashbacks of all the times these exact words were thrown at me. Literally, every single sentence she states was told to me during some point in my life, even as a young child.

It’s sad to realize that this is what we were instructed growing up, and that our society accepted it. In fact, they encouraged it.

Our developing brains had these ideologies pushed on us throughout our whole life. We were being brainwashed into thinking that X or Y was the standard of beauty or “being a lady” and that, if we didn’t keep up, we weren’t good enough.

As we were fed these thoughts, we had no idea what kind of impact they would have on us in the future. Some girls would become bulimic or anorexic because they thought they were too fat. Some girls would go under the knife to try to attain the unattainable. Some girls would even become depressed or suicidal because they felt like they were flawed, deficient or lacking in some way.

Have you ever been told these things growing up? How does this video make you feel?

Share your comments and thoughts below!

9 thoughts on ““Be a Lady They Said”

  1. What a powerful video. Thank you so much for sharing. It speaks volumes to the complications of being a female. So many mixed messages and so many of them about what we look like on the outside. Every person is so much more than their physical appearance.

    And no matter what I hope you choose to love the person you are, just as you are, because there will never be anyone like you.

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  2. That is so powerful. Totally cried. I think the hardest, most hurtful and confusing statement of all for me is “you’ll change your mind”….not only applied to the concept of having children but in so many areas. Thanks for sharing this 🖤

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    • Yes! I totally agree. I love my mom, but she is very much the traditional type and, when I told her I wasnt sure I wanted kids, she said ill change my mind. I’ve heard that so many times by so many aunts, family friends, etc. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts and feelings ❤

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