My Paranormal Story made it on YouTube!

I thought I would come on here briefly to share a few of my other paranormal stories, as well as share a YouTube video where a story of mine was read.

The Feather Duster

So this story isn’t my own personal story. It happened to my grandma and the cleaning lady, Kim. However, I found it so fascinating that I wanted to share it with all of you.

I had a middle sister who passed away at a very young age. My grandma had a picture of her hanging next to the kitchen as a small memorial to her.

One day, Kim the Cleaning Lady (as my sister and I always used to call her when we were little), had planned to clean the kitchen once she was finished in the basement. She left a few items out on the kitchen table (a feather duster, a rag, soap, cleaning spray, etc.), so that when she came back upstairs everything would be ready to start cleaning the kitchen.

My grandma and mom were out grocery shopping at the time, so Kim was by herself. I want to preface that Kim was a long time family friend. She wasn’t one to pull a prank like this because she knew how much something like this would effect the family, especially my mom.

When Kim walked back upstairs after having cleaned the basement, she noticed that feathers were everywhere. The feather duster basically exploded feathers and Kim frantically went to pick up all the feathers before my mom and grandma came home.

I don’t know if my mom and grandma came home when the feathers were still all over the place, or if she had managed to pick up the majority of them before they arrived. Needless to say, Kim told my mom and grandma what happened.

Both were shocked and tried to logically explain away the situation. Once Kim left for the day, my grandma noticed a feather sticking up behind my sisters picture. It wasn’t just laying gently across the frame, it was actually standing straight upright.

My grandma decided to keep it there her whole life because she viewed the experience as a sign that my sister was trying to communicate with them and be her mischievous self. The feather was always there, ever since I can remember. It wasn’t until my aunt and uncle moved into the home after her death did the feather disappear.

The Ghost at the Campbell Center

Probably about 5-6 years ago, I recieved a certificate for collections care (museums, not money). The location where I received my certificate was extremely old and had been used as a school in 1853.

The town is small and quaint, but the campus looks abandoned when you first enter it. Most of the buildings are dilapidated due to age and thousands of old trees are around the campus from when it was first built.

When I first got there, I wasn’t even sure I was in the right place because it looked like a ghost town.

However, my story truly begins when my friend and I were the only two on campus for a whole weekend. Most of the students had cars and went home over the weekend, but we were the youngest and couldn’t.

Generally, they don’t allow for people to stay over the weekend because no one is there in case something goes wrong. However, they understood our situation and accommodated for us, even leaving us food so we didn’t have to use money in town.

The first night, my friend and I heard footsteps when we were in our rooms.

They are dorm rooms, since it used to be a college.

We both jumped up and looked outside to find that no one was there. It’s a long hallway, so no one could really make the trek that quickly.

We both decided it was creepy enough and watched movies the rest of the night, since we couldn’t sleep.

The next night, my friend ended up getting a ride to go home, so I was completely by myself Saturday and Sunday night.

It was terrifying by yourself. The trees made shadows in your room at night and you just had an all around eerie vibe. I even got some courage to explore at night because I was bored, and I felt like I was walking through a horror movie.

However, when I was about to go to sleep, I kept hearing footsteps running up and down the hall. I freaked out and sat up in my bed.

At this point, my heart was in my stomach. I was completely alone and terrified if it was an intruder.

When I quietly and slowly opened the door, no one was there.

I closed it again and laid back down.

Then the footsteps could be heard once more.

This time, when I got up, I took my flashlight and walked around the whole building.

To my knowledge, no one was there.

Who knows what it was but it definitely wasn’t an animal. My instincts told me it was human footsteps that I was hearing, but I couldn’t explain why no human could be seen.

YouTube Story

Back to the YouTube part! I truly enjoy listening to xAshteria’s paranormal stories, including her subscribers paranormal stories.

Click here to view her video and I encourage you to view her other videos as well!

Comment below any of your ghostly/paranormal stories!

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