Donate to Help Australia

All of you have heard of the devastating fires raging in Australia. Countless of animals have lost their lives and their homes because of this tragedy, and sadly, many more will continue to suffer until these fires are stopped. It breaks my heart to see and hear about what is transpiring. I wish I could travel to Australia myself (and trust me I did look up plane ticket pricing – I can’t afford $1500) to save and nurture these poor creatures, but unfortunately, I can’t. Instead, all I can do is help raise money and share this fundraiser with everyone I know. Click the link below if you can donate even just $5 to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization. Every little bit helps and is important to the lives of many.

WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue

Next Thursday, I am attending a fundraising event at a local tattoo parlor, Divine Tattoo. This tattoo parlor is raising money for Australia all day. Fifty dollars is all it costs to get one of the three designs they are offering below. I’m getting the koala on the tree 😊 All the money will then go to Australian wildlife foundations.

Thanks again if you donated!

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