You Dodged a Bullet

You dodged a bullet from the outside in.

My instincts would have thoroughly ripped you thin.

Hold a grudge against me if you want

But eventually I would have only torn you a part


You dodged a bullet by letting me go

Have no regrets by stealing the show

The baggage I carry is too heavy for one

Two would only make it more cumbersome


You dodged a bullet when you said goodbye

Forget the dancing and all the white tie

The whiskey on rocks was sweet at first

But the aftermath will only ignite your thirst


You dodged a bullet that weekend I left

I needed an excuse and was woefully depressed

I hated who I was slowly becoming

You said you knew that this was coming


You dodged a bullet when I didn’t pick up my phone

I stared at it as tears ran down my cheekbone

I remember the good times so vividly now

And you thought we could erase the bad somehow


You dodged a bullet when I ran away

I’m not very good at wanting to stay

I always break the things I desire most

I’ll forever look back and remember these ghosts

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