Sleep Paralysis

Have any of you experienced sleep paralysis?

Honestly, I never had until recently. I had experienced vivid hallucinations and lucid dreaming, but never something like this.

The vivid hallucinations happened a few years back when I was incredibly stressed out. You can read about that in a blog I wrote last year: How your body reacts to stress.

I don’t believe I ever talked about the other hallucinations I saw when taking St. John’s Wort my senior year of college. I took it because my doctor knew that I didn’t want to be prescribed medication, so he suggested something over the counter. At first, nothing seemed to be happening with the St. John’s Wort, but after taking it a few weeks I began to notice that I was seeing things out of the corner of my eye that didn’t make sense. One morning, I even woke up to a little girl standing by the curtains calling out my name.

After that horrifying incident, I just stopped taking it and will never take it again. Seeing dead little girls is definitely not how I want to spend my mornings. I mean I hadn’t even had my coffee yet! Jeez, these ghosts can be so inconsiderate…

For the past month now, I have had three different incidents with sleep paralysis that were pretty traumatizing. One of these incidents occurred just last night – hence this post.

I will be laying in bed asleep and then wake up unable to move or speak. I’ll see shadow figures either enter the room or appear in the corner of my room and slowly start walking over to me. I want to get up and react because panic sets in and my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest, but my body physically won’t let me, so these shadows just keep moving closer and closer. The only thing that has pulled me out of these moments is my dog.

Honestly, he is so protective and aware that if he isn’t reacting to what I’m seeing, then I know for a fact it’s all in my head. Now, if he starts growling or staring in the direction of a shadow figure I’m seeing, then we have a serious problem. That’s a WHOLE different kind of post!

Last nights episode was extra weird though. I woke up and was unable to move, speak or even breathe and noticed my husband moving around and talking in his sleep next to me. Normally, he doesn’t do this, so I kept trying to look over and see what was going on but could only see glimpses out of the corner of my eye.

I kept seeing shadow figures beside him and my dog, leaning over and doing something to them. I was panicking that they were being attacked, especially because my husband was reacting. I tried extra hard to get up to protect them, but literally couldn’t. It felt like something was sitting on my chest and, any time I would fight back, it became harder to breathe.

I noticed I had tears in my eyes as I tried to open my mouth and yell. Finally, I was able to release myself from this paralysis and got up to make sure they were both okay. Both were sound asleep and nothing was in the room.

I get that this probably has to do with stress as well, but Lord have mercy!

Have any of you experienced something like this?

If so, what happens when you experience sleep paralysis?

Comment below and share your stories.

11 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis

  1. Great read! Whatever the stalker besides the bedside, aka – Old Hag(syndrome), incubus, succubus, Hat Man, Shadow People, the such, is such a “malevolent” presence, especially when “it” has a grasp on the neck region, know what I mean. I’ve dealt with Sleep Paralysis since age 14, and now in my late 40’s, and gets lesser by age. Stress is likely the cause of many SP cases, and what I’ve learned how to deal with stress and SP together is saying an repititious saying to self, “I’m not going to have an sleep paralysis, tonight”, instead “I’m going to have a lucid dream” and of course LD is a gateway from breaking away from SP, keep on practicing that and see what your results is. Other people pray to their spirit guides/angels/Higher Being/even Marian, the Queen of Heaven(if you believe in that)…that seems to work also, for guidance from such”entities” who are looming around out there. If you are caught in between onset of going to sleep and awakening finding yourself bounded by paralysis, make mental attempts to use the extremities of both your fingers and toes to break off the SP. Early last Sunday morning around the Twiglight hours, I was about to go to sleep, then felt really drowsy, then my body became paralyzed. Instead of freaking out, like I do sometimes(lol), I did see a object of somebody standing in the hallway in between the kitchen and the bedroom(while my door was essentially locked), looked as though I was having a “vision” of an harmless entity looking at me. Then I began to close my eyes and wiggle my fingers, then “poof” the “entity” disappeared and felt free from SP. Try to make it short as I can, read “A Seprate Reality” by Carlos Castenada(ie- the hand technique). Good luck!

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    • This is so fascinating! Thank you so much for your answer. I’ll have to try lucid dreaming but I have no idea where to even begin Lol. You definitely have a great idea for bringing yourself back to awareness by wiggling your fingers and toes. I’ll have to keep working on it 🙂

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      • So I won’t go lengthy in reply,again, go and pick out a book by Stephen LeBarge, one of the leading experts in lucid dreaming, his book, you can find at, entitled, “Lucid Dreaming” a well recommended book about the subject and how to Dream Initiate Lucid Dream and Wake Initiate Lucid Dream. Read my blog entry: Projective Catalepsy, I have a solution on how to lucid dream. BTW, let me know if you have another Sleep Paralysis episode and how you are managing to wear off the paralysis. 🙂 – Daniel.

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