New Facebook Group

Just yesterday, I decided to start a Facebook group relating to vaginismus and mental health. It is designed to spread awareness, but also give individuals a platform to discuss their experiences, ask questions and share stories. If you are interested in helping this group to grow, please join the group! 🙂

Living with Vaginismus

Since many of the other vaginismus groups do not allow self-promotion, I’m making my group entirely different. Self-promotion is allowed and encouraged! I want you to share anything that you have made or written to help individuals who suffer from either vaginismus, endometriosis, vulvodynia, anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, etc.

I simply ask that there be no bullying, judgement and to keep things civil.

Since I had a terrible time in the other vaginismus Facebook groups, I’m hoping this group embodies a place where people feel comfortable to express themselves.

Thanks so much if you do decide to join and I’ll see you there!

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