Rant for the evening

There are many days where I find myself needing more in my life. Like fun and crazy things that make life more interesting. Honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my relationship doesn’t have sex, so things become very routine. If sex were possible, I think I’d be able to find ways to keep myself occupied in the way that I crave.

Just a little thought for the evening. I want to do something unexpected and new but, in all honesty, I really just want to have sex in my relationship…

Going out and partying helps, but I think it’s because there is that flirtatious element to it with drinking and dancing with strangers. It’s fun and exciting but then it becomes old. At least you know that, at the end of the night, your finance and puppy are there to be snuggled and give you the love you want.

Despite being highly sensitive, I’m also a sensation seeker, so my therapist says this is normal to feel this way. Unfortunately, even knowing that this is just a part of me, it’s still annoying at times.

I just need to do something radical, like change my hair completely or get another tattoo. However, it will have to wait until after the wedding :p not about having a weird crazy do in our wedding photos.

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