Sexless: A Short Film

Super excited that I found this while googling! It’s a short film made by Melissa Rivera and Samantha Shada about a girl with vaginismus. Yay! People are taking action and, from what I can find, this film is getting recognition!

The short film is about a fictional relationship between a woman, who has vaginismus, and her boyfriend. It helps the viewer see how this condition affects, not only her relationship with her partner, but also with herself as well. Ultimately, her story takes us on her journey of healing, self-discovery and self-love.

I’m grateful that this group has made this short film to help spread awareness on this condition, but I’m even happier that they are treating the condition with respect. From what I’ve read, they are taking a realistic approach on how an adult woman actually feels when she is living with vaginismus. Their Kickstarter Campaign reads,

“We’ve built a visually beautiful film we want to bring light to this subject and hope. This film is a little bit spiritual and a little bit sexy and a bit funny wrapped up in the seriousness of this condition, just like life is.”

I’m interested to find out if one of them actually suffers/suffered from vaginismus and if that is what sparked an interest on this topic. Despite only being able to see the teaser trailer, the imagery and story look breathtaking. Take a look at the trailer for yourself by clicking the link to their website.

As of right now, I honestly have no idea how to watch this short film, so I’ll have to keep you updated once I find a link. I’ll probably try to contact the Director, Samantha Shada, and see if she can lead me in the right direction of where I can buy a copy of the short film and also support all of their hard work that made this film possible.

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