I may have done something…

So, I did a thing today. I’m excited and nervous about it. Ugh, here it goes…

I bought a haunted doll.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I can hardly believe it myself, especially since dolls scare the crap out of me. I have a phobia about them. However, I kind of became enamored by this particular doll and the “spirit” inside of her shares so many similarities with me. For instance, her name is Victoria and she stayed at Johns Hopkins, where I went to grad school. She loves romantic comedies, is a happy and friendly spirit, and is supposedly 14 years old.

I know so many people will probably think I’m crazy by either doing this or believing in the unbelievable, but I always grew up with this stuff. It seems normal to me.

Well, she is being shipped tomorrow, so I will keep all of you updated when she arrives!

Pray for me 🙄 LOL

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