Harry Potter Tag – Pass it along!

So I recently saw someone post this tag and I really wanted to participate! I haven’t been “officially” tagged or anything, but I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter and loved these questions. Let’s begin!

  1. What house are you in? Gryffindor according to Pottermore 🙂
  2. What is your patronus? A Tonkinese Cat, whatever that type of cat is. I just took the quiz on Pottermore LOL
  3. What would your boggart be? Probably a clown
  4. What position would you play in Quidditch? A chaser
  5. Would you be a pure-blood, halfblood or muggle born? Muggle born???
  6. What job would you want to have after leaving HogwartsI’d be interested in working at the Ministry
  7. Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose? The invisibility cloak
  8. Favorite bookI honestly don’t remember the first ones well enough to say. It’s been so long ago since I read them and I was 7 LOL
  9. Least favorite bookThe Half Blood Prince. I remember that because Harry was always moody and pissy in it. It annoyed the crap out of me.
  10. Favorite filmThe Sorcerer’s Stone.
  11. Least favorite film? The Half Blood Prince
  12. Favorite character? Hermione
  13. Least favorite/most hated characterProfessor Umbridge for sure!
  14. Favorite teacher at HogwartsProbably McGonagall
  15. Least favourite teacher at HogwartsAgain, Professor Umbridge

Enjoy! Answer the questions for yourself and even visit Pottermore to determine your House and Patronus 🙂

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