Body Positivity

We try so hard to get the perfect body or look a certain way that we forget to actually live. Body positivity is something that I have always had a difficult time with. Even today, I’m still struggling, but after watching this video I felt good inside. I didn’t feel guilty for having that taco or not exercising today. I began to realize that I shouldn’t buy the size too small pants and work to fit into them, but instead embrace what I have and do me.

I don’t intend to get fat. That’s not a goal of mine, but I suddenly feel less stressed about trying to achieve that perfect look. Who came up with the ideal body type anyways? Society? The ideal body varies in every country, but the U.S. is notorious for taking it to a whole new level.

Society tends to use advertisements to show us what the “perfect woman” looks like. Girls have such a high standard on what they should look like to achieve perfection and, even as the video points out, so do gay men.

It’s so interesting to view the body this way and to really contemplate how we got here as a society in the 21st century. Why and when did this become the standard we have to achieve to be considered attractive?

3 thoughts on “Body Positivity

  1. Your body is the carrier of who you are. As we age some things fade. It’s best to do the good we can do to it but the real us within must be taken care of. In doing so we will have peace and joy. I have known girls who fit the advertised ideal shape and they hate themselves and believe they are ugly. Can you imagine some of those who are creating the advertisements about the perfect look may not look like what they are showcasing. Be positive about who you are.

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