New Years Tag!

Hey everyone! As we roll out the red carpet that is 2019, I wanted to start with a fun tag. Technically, this was called the New Years Tag, but I’m a bit behind 🙂 I saw Malcolm’s Mommy post this a few days ago and thought it would be fun to share. Keep the tag going!

1.  Three Words to describe last year.
Challenging, Unpredictable, Stressful

2. What was the most memorable moment for you of 2018?

I actually have two: Writing my first book on vaginismus and being on a TV segment in Germany.

3. What was your most played song of 2018?

Probably High Hopes by Panic at the Disco 🙂

4. Did you take any trips in 2018? Tell us about the most memorable ones and why!

Going to Chicago to see Panic at the Disco live 😀 Brendon Urie ❤

brendon urie ok GIF by Panic! At The Disco

5. Something you’re looking forward to this coming year?

Our wedding! 😀

6. What was the hardest thing you went through in 2018?

Ugh bullying at work….toxic work environment…being under appreciated….not having my accomplishments acknowledged.

7. Who/What are you most thankful for throughout the last year?

By fiance 🙂 He got me through all of those bad times in 2018

8. What was the funniest thing that happened last year?

I can’t think of one specific event, but my girlfriends and I had plenty of fun outings and get-togethers 🙂 Drinks were of course involved!

9. What was your favorite series this year?

Outlander! I love that show so much 🙂

10. What are you hoping for less of this coming year?

Less negativity and fewer hardships and trials

11. What are you hoping for more of this coming year?

Happiness, love and less stress

12. What personal goals did you achieve in 2018?

I wrote a book and spread awareness about vaginismus all over the world via TV segment and internet articles 🙂

13. What are you/did you do for new years eve?

Went to a party at my friends house

14. Where is your dream city/place to celebrate new years?

So many people would say NYC, but honestly, I would love to go to Europe, like London.

15. In 2019, what are your goals?

Be positive, think happy thoughts, try new things, be confident

16. Where do you want to travel in 2019?

So many places! LOL I would love to go to Scotland, but realistically that’s not happening in 2019. However, for our honeymoon we are either going to Chicago or staying in a log cabin in Brown County. I’m excited for either 🙂

17. What do you think 2019 is the year of?

Happiness and new opportunities

18. How are you going to motivate yourself to stick to your goals this year?

I’m going to remain positive and know that I’m doing these things to better myself

19. In 2019, What new things do you want to try?

Hm…I’m not really sure. I suppose I’ll let you know when I do try it though!

20. What are you going to stop doing in 2019?

Thinking negatively and doubting my abilities.

21. Three words to describe your upcoming 2019?

Optimistic, Adventurous, Positivity


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