About Time

Last night, my fiance and I were having a stressful day. In fact, we have been pretty stressed for months now due to our jobs, money, health, family, etc. So, he recommended we watch About Time, a movie that his mom showed us when we first started dating.


I adore this movie and HIGHLY recommend to watch it if you have not seen it. It’s just one of those movies that uplifts you and leaves you feeling happy in your soul. 

While watching the movie, I had so many feelings rush over me that were unexpected:

  1. I instantly realized the answer to the constant question I keep being asked, “Where do you want to move to?” Honestly, I’ve loved Northern Europe ever since I got off the terminal when I was 13 years old. Nothing would make me happier than to move to the UK. Who knows? I might go ahead and apply to some job openings in my field over there.
  2. I actually felt my heart melt when I saw babies. Now, it’s interesting because I’ve seen my goals and aspirations change depending on the person I am with. For instance, in my last relationship, I wanted to be that stay at home mom and have kids. I was baby obsessed. In my current relationship, I want to travel, rescue animals and work. So, when I started tearing up at the birth scene, I told my fiance, “I want that.” 
  3. I began to realize that, even though life has its down days, nothing can truly be so bad that it takes away that love and spark inside of you. Now, this can be love for your family, friends, significant other, pet or children. It could be your passion for work or your hobby. Personally, even if our wedding, which we have been struggling to pay for, doesn’t turn out the way I envisioned, I don’t care. All I care about is who I’m with and that I’ll be spending my whole life with that one person, who treats me like a queen. The wedding could be rained on, we could not be able to afford food or even have a DJ, but we will make it work and have fun regardless. Besides, we can create unique moments without spending thousands of dollars that will be memorable for all of those involved.
  4. Remaining positive and really enjoying life has been put into a whole new perspective for me. I suddenly realize that I want to actually see the world around me. No more hustling to get to my destination and thinking that I’m “too busy” to listen to or communicate with others. I want to take in everything and really enjoy each and every moment. I could simply be getting coffee at Starbucks, but I want to acknowledge the strangers I run into. I may be sitting at home, while my fiance and I are on our phones, but I want to put that phone away and cuddle up next to him, really looking into his eyes and feeling his love for me. 
  5. My last thought was that I need to make time for family, friends, loved ones, my dog and even myself. I need to relish in the moments where we are all together because they are fleeting. Unlike the movie, we are not given second chances in life. While I was depressed, so many days went by that I did not enjoy and can never get back. So many experiences were either ruined or non-existent because of my anxiety. I’m not going to let my mental illnesses stand in my way of enjoying my time with others. I’ve done that for long enough and I certainly don’t want to leave this world with regret that I did not accomplish all that I wanted to do.   

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