Christmas comparisons

Christmas can be a time of great cheer, with lots of laughter and love all around you. However, Christmas can also be extraordinarily stressful, with lots of bills stacking up, presents needing to be purchased, dinners needing to be made, and that’s only scrapping the surface.

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While some people might be entering into new relationships and starting new traditions, others might be saying goodbye to a loved one or celebrating the holidays alone.

Health is already a burden. However, during the holidays, it is exacerbated. Physical and emotional health concerns love to sneak up on you during the festive seasons. Nevertheless, you feel that you have to feign happiness in order to keep up appearances.

Then, we really start hurting ourselves when we start looking at the lives of others and comparing.

You notice Marie on Facebook, with her new baby and adoring husband, chopping down a Christmas tree, laughing as the memory is captured. You scroll through Instagram and see Joe, sitting beside his girlfriend, having a romantic sleigh ride in the city. You watch countless YouTube videos of your favorite youtuber on holiday, making Christmas cookies with their grandma in a quaint kitchen.


Then, you look at yourself and think, “I haven’t done anything except eat my weight in junk food, work and watch Netflix…” Sadness creeps in, and you begin to think that your life is significantly less festive and unbelievably sad compared to everyone else’s.

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But seriously, think about it. All of those pictures, posts and videos that you are stumbling across might look perfect, but I guarantee it had its moments of bad tidings. Of course Marie doesn’t want to show you the picture after the tree was cut down, where her baby starting crying so loud they had to cut their trip short. Joe definitely didn’t want to post a picture of him and his girlfriend fighting a few hours before their romantic sleigh ride. And can you really blame your favorite youtuber for not showing you the behind-the-scenes footage of how stressed and rushed they were to make everything look perfect, not even truly enjoying the beautiful moment themselves.


Life is significantly different behind the lens. Everyone captures the moments that they want you to see. So remember, as you sit on the couch in your oversized snuggie, makeupless, watching Love Actually and eating an oversized chocolate bar, that everyone else is doing the same thing. They just aren’t showing it.

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