Mental Health

I think many people, who struggle with mental illness, view themselves as abnormal or even crazy. I know I do. Whenever I’m feeling extremely anxious or depressed, I immediately go into defense mode or even become distant with my loved ones. It’s not healthy and, the worst part is, I know that but I can’t help it.

I’ve reached a point in my anxiety and depression where I’m becoming sick to my stomach, having horrible migraines, wanting to sleep all day, not feeling motivated to do anything, neglecting my physical health, having heart palpitations, shaking uncontrollably and even contemplating ways to make it all go away for good.

I feel crazy and that frustrates me. I know it’s unhealthy to think these thoughts and drink to make the pain hurt less. Yet, my brain doesn’t work that way. As soon as a situation arises, and I feel like I’m not in control, I break. I even start thinking about future things that haven’t even happened yet, and I become anxious or depressed. In a way, that just makes it harder to get up and find a logical solution to the problem.

However, I need to take my mental health by the reins and really take control of it. I don’t want to be consumed by it. I know it’ll be difficult, and I can guarantee I’ll have setbacks, but at least I’m making a promise to myself to accept that this is who I am.

Hailey Reese is a YouTuber that I listen to daily! She is so sweet, and you would never have guessed she suffers from anxiety and OCD when you’re watching some of her videos. However, just today, I watched her video discussing her own mental health and was inspired to write about it and share the video with you. It has helped me to feel motivated and less alone with this problem. Hearing about the experiences of others, who suffer from mental health, and seeing them remain proactive, really gives me hope. Enjoy the video and maybe it will give you a little extra motivation as well ❤

Being honest about my mental health

5 thoughts on “Mental Health

  1. That is my mission for 2019, to accept and discover myself. Ever since being diagnosed I have let that control who I am and it has been unhealthy. I have shifted the focus of my blog and it is now a blog about growth with a commitment to love myself. I personally invite you to join in. I start a 52-week challenge to happiness in January. I would be honored if you joined and I think it could help us on our road to acceptance.

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