The devastating truth

I hate seeing things fall apart. Especially things that I’m passionate about, yet have no control over.

It’s like you are watching an absolute trainwreck, but are powerless to stop it. Maybe if I was superman I could 🙂

When something old, beautiful and historic finds itself under poor management, you have to wonder what the original owners would say. So many things could have been avoided had they listened and taken more proactive steps to prevent this from occurring.

I live for history. We are constantly making history. Yet, when history falls into the wrong hands and may never be able to educate future generations, it’s a depressing situation for all of those involved. You hate to sit back and watch things go from bad to worse.

The past owners built their home from the ground up, earning their wealth through trials and tribulations along the way. To see all of their hardwork come undone in only a matter of years is beyond sad. It’s devastating.

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