Dog-Eat-Dog World

I understand that everybody is trying to look out for them self. However, shouldn’t we also try to help others succeed?

When I first wrote my book, I was having a lot of difficulty marketing it. I went the self-publishing route, which meant that all of the marketing was on me. Marketing costs are not cheap, so I thought it would be fine to announce my book about vaginismus in a vaginismus forum / Facebook group.

However, a couple hours later, the admin contacted me and told me that I was not allowed to do that. I respectfully agreed to take down the post and apologized.

Then, just today, I went onto that subgroup and noticed that the admin was writing her own book. She is also promoting it to the group the same way that I tried to.

It really bothers and frustrates me. I was the first person to write a personal memoir regarding vaginismus and I never even got the opportunity to help these women in the Facebook group. So many of their questions revolved around things that I discussed in my book and I wanted so badly to direct them to my book for the answers.

The whole situation is very iffy. I obviously would never say anything to that person about my feelings, but I did offer her my own experience on self-publishing via Amazon to try to help her out.

It truly is a dog-eat-dog world out there. Everyone is looking out for themselves and very rarely help others, who are also trying to succeed in this world.

Rant over.

15 thoughts on “Dog-Eat-Dog World

  1. It looks like we’re in the same FB group. I just saw your comment on her post. šŸ™‚ I’m curious to see if she posts a link to buy the book once it’s published. I’ve been allowed to talk about other people’s products in the group as long as I’m not getting any profit from it. I’d be happy to post something about your book after I read it.

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